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The Junior Doctor Kit

Observe, discover and analyse how the human body works.

Create your own hypotheses and test them on family and friends!

This Seedling Kit contains: Real Stethoscope, Measuring Tape, Carabiner Pen, Notebook, Surgeons Mask & Medical Checklist

Recommended for Ages 5+ years

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More about this item by Seedling

At Seedling we believe every kid has their own great ideas that are just waiting to be explored.

Our aim is creating inspirational products that create the opportunity for ideas and curiosity to grow. Our products centre on providing great quality tools and materials, a foundation for an experience to remember!

Our kits are not 'paint by numbers' but open-ended to provide a great experience that encourages children to think creatively, ask questions and gain life skills. We are true believers that, given the right tools, opportunities and experiences, a child's potential is unlimited.

All Seedling kits are produced in New Zealand.