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Silver Bullet Pendant

The silver bullet is well known in mythology for killing supernatural creatures. This necklace pays homage to that, including the letters "JMJ" inscribed into the side. This stood for the holy names "Jesus Mary Joseph", which was believed to make the bullet more effective in getting rid of dark beings.

Made from Sterling Silver on a Stainless Steel chain - 508mm

13grams - 32.7mm(H) - 7.9mm(W) - 7.9mm(D)

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More about this item by Luke Adore

Products will take a maximum of 12 days after purchase to arrive. Most of our pieces are custom made upon purchase, so this gives us time to make the piece and courier it to you.

Luke Adore is an up-and-coming jewellery designer who designs unique pieces using silver, brass and enamel. All of the pieces are about finding beauty in all things dark, and are hand-made right here in New Zealand.