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Parachute Kiwi Clock

The Flying Kiwi is a range of fantastic modern kiwiana from the team at Moobaa. All produced in New Zealand, they are an inspiring set of icons representing Kiwi's l;earning to fly.

The word UNIQUE must be one of the most over used words in the English language, but we think that our range of VINTAGE & RETRO clocks really are genuinely just that, UNIQUE - as in they are exceptional, unmatched & without an equivalent.

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More about this item by Moobaa

A partnership between Magentico & Moobaa.

All images are beautiful crisp, matte laminated & machine wrapped around a 15cm metal face then fitted with a silent - sweep movement - so NO annoying TICKING, guaranteed. All our clocks come to you in a tough little slot-sided corrugated cardboard box & once tightly taped the slots embrace your clock securely in place and it can be mailed as is.