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Kaka Stamp Brooch

New Zealand stamp brooch featuring the beautiful Kaka.
DIMENSIONS: 4.5cms x 3cms x 2cms

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More about this item by Delirium

New Zealand Kaka stamp brooch with a copper back.

The stamp is protected by glass and a copper surround.

The stamps chosen for Helen Kerrigan's brooches are all old kiwi favorites and have been lovingly encased in glass and copper. They provide a touch of home for those living overseas and a bit of fun for everyone else.

Helen is an Auckland based artist whose work is constantly evolving. Drawing inspiration from her extensive travel experience as well as keeping an eye on the latest trends. She has been creating unique gifts since 1999.

When you wear one of these distinctive brooches, you're wearing a small piece of New Zealand history.

All care is taken to make these brooches as true to the photo as possible, but each is handmade and so, unique.