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Camelia Japonica Tree - Gift Box

Camellia japnonica are by far the best known of the Camellia. These varieties can grow from a small shrub to a tree of approximately 3-4 meters. Flowering from early winter to late spring, they are excellent for the winter garden.

Japonicas will stand full sun, if cared for while establishing (watering and mulching over the summer) but are a little better with shade at some part of the day. Can be grown throughout NZ

* Varieites will vary with time of year and availability.

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More about this item by Trees Please

Because our trees come in their own planter, there is no rush for the recipient to plant them out immediately. Trees will last in their planters for several weeks - months, providing they are watered and well looked after. Trees Please! trees are potted into top quality potting mix, with SaturAid rewetting granuels for economical water management, water storing granuels, slow release fertiliser, root promoting nutrients and root disease suppressing agents. The planters are covered with brown paper, to reduce the chance of spillage in transit.

All trees come in their purpose designed outer pine gift box which has an opening for air and light, plus leather carry handle, making it ideal for easy delivery throughout New Zealand.

Because we care for our environment, components are recyclable, or come from sustainable or recycled sources. Outer boxes can be reused as a planter box, storage box or to send other gifts in.