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Bird Brooch

This pretty wee picture of a bird was hiding in the pages of an old book so Sam snipped it out, printed it onto fabric and turned it into a brooch. Hand stitched and filled with the stuffing of an old teddy bear, this brooch is eye catching, light-weight and easy to wear. The back is acrylic felt.
DIMENSIONS: 5cms x 8cms

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More about this item by Plastic Fairy

Plasitic Fairy is the creation of Sam, a country living vegan with a love for animals and Mother Earth.

She takes photos, snips up fabric, hunts down old books from op shops, rescues broken dolls from the free bins, prints images both photographic and found onto fabric and generally bumbles about until something wonderful happens.

Sam finds pictures in old forgotten books then gets them printed onto 100% cotton fabric.

They are hand stitched into a brooch, which can be a long process depending on the size and shape of the piece. Sam says:
"My usual process is to make a cup of tea, put on a movie or a disc of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (blush!), wrap a blanket around my legs and start a stitchin'. The best part about my craft is scratching about at garage sales and op shops for books that are hiding new and fabulous images. I have also used my own photography for the stuffed brooches."

The brooch comes wrapped up in recycled sewing pattern tissue paper and comes to you in a wee fabric envelope.