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Ora - Body Gel 80ml

Soothe & Rejuvenate

We all wish we could turn back the clock from too many hours spent in the elements. Sun, wind and other harsh climate conditions can take its toll on our skin leaving it dry and damaged. The answer is here!

Ora Mamaku Revival Gel soothes and rejuvenates tired, sun-kissed or damaged skin. Containing a powerful blend of concentrated Mamaku [link to page] extract, our Revival Gel penetrates deep into the skin’s surface to repair and can even be used to help with burns and scarring. This is a must-have for any beach bag, or bathroom cabinet!

We care for Papatūānuku — our earth mother.
Ora products are made in New Zealand, not tested on animals and our packaging is recyclable.

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More about this item by Ora

In 2009, our story began when three Ngati Kahungunu sisters — Tessa Davis, Adele Anderson and Karen Renata — decided to create an exceptional range of premium natural beauty products using traditional Māori knowledge.

We called it Ora — because at the heart of our products lies the very essence of that word — life, health and vitality.

In all our products is our unique and powerful blend of Mamaku (the black fern) extract. Historically, Māori recognised Mamaku as a powerful healer — using it for rejuvenating, cooling and hydrating the skin.