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'Rocket' Light Shade

The rocket shade was developed for a boys bedroom. It can be hung from a ceiling pendant and is easily assembled. The angle of the rocket is adjusted by tilting the shade and it can be rotated to provide more light for reading out of the bottom.

Made from durable white polypropylene, it can be used plain or decorated using crayon, felt pens or paint!

PLEASE NOTE: When the light shade is hung from a ceiling use ONLY Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL or energy savers) to avoid the excessive heat of incandescent bulbs which which may melt the polypropylene.

New Zealand designed and made. Comes with instructions for straightforward assembly.

42cm high by 23cm wide (when assembled)

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More about this item by Objectify

Objectify is a the iconic simple homeware brand of Brent Wilson.

"I like simple, functional, understated designs with a modern feel. Using digital design and fabrication techniques allows me to achieve this. Much of the inspiration for my homeware comes from what I comes across in everyday life - as Marcel Proust said " a journey of discovery starts not with new landscapes but with new eye."