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Lavender & Lime Soap

Totally Invigorating, scent screams Summer! Uplifting scent of Limes cuts through the lavender.I have balanced the scent with beautiful base notes of patchouli.

My handmade soaps will leave your skin feeling fantastic as they lather beautifully and are also very rich in natural moisture. Made with Quality Natural ingredients- Coconut oil, Olive oil, Rice bran oil, castor oil, Manuka Honey, Lime Essential oil, NZ Lavender essential oil, Patchouli essential oil

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More about this item by Honey and Spice

Inspirations for my ever evolving range come from my pure excitement for flavour and textures. This goes back even beyond the tingling rush, of dishing up mouth watering desserts as a chef. To my magical tea parties as a little girl in my play hut, where i whipped up muddy concoctions in a rusty old teapot.

My flavour range is no doubt reminiscent of a sweet treat in mind. i look to my spice rack, my travels and on my fond childhood memories. I blend these inspirations with quality natural ingredients to make up my delicious handmade soaps and bath and body treats ANIMAL FAT, AND PALM OIL free! (unlike most commercial soaps)

They are created with only the finest ingredients and are made to be creamy, nourishing and long lasting. I have many different flavours for different properties- exfoliating, sensitive skins, complexion bars, gardners bars, baby bars, and all around smooth scented luxury bars!

Most people order multiple soaps, so instead of building delivery cost into each item, we instead charge $4.00 per combined order.