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Lavender & Rosewood - Buttercream

Our lovely Hand and Body Buttercream is halfway between thick, nourishing body butter and light creamy body cream! This buttercream is made with extra lashings of organic shea butter, organic coconut oil and organic cocoa butter!

It conditions your skin beautifully leaving it SO soft and smooth! Fabulous for dry skin!

Lavender & Rosewood essential oils are wonderful for relaxation, Indulge in a little hand and body buttercream before bed each night to help relax your mind and promote sleep! A little goes a very long way- each pot will last very well!

*This cream is also WONDERFUL on itchy insect bites!- its soothes the skin and takes the itch away! Great to keep a pot in your handbag and one beside the bed!*

Made with freshly distilled water, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, coconut oil, emulsifying wax, germal plus, pure essential oils of rosewood and lavender. Use within one year once opened.

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More about this item by Honey and Spice

Inspirations for my ever evolving range come from my pure excitement for flavour and textures. This goes back even beyond the tingling rush, of dishing up mouth watering desserts as a chef. To my magical tea parties as a little girl in my play hut, where i whipped up muddy concoctions in a rusty old teapot.