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Cobalt Poncho - Merino Possum Silk

With mixed colour shell buttons.

Multiple wears of this poncho make it so versatile in daily life or taking it on to your travel. You can dress it up or down, wear it with buttons to front back or site, off shoulder or as a skirt over tights, open all buttons and it becomes a scarf or knee rug. Easy hand wash in lukewarm water is recommended. Natural fibres do not need to be washed often because they have the ability to self refresh by airing on a chair or outside.

One Size: Fits UK 8 – 14 (picture taken on UK 12). Larger sizes available on request.

Free Shipping within NZ, $15.00 International (paid post purchase).

Please allow up-to 1wk for your poncho to be made to order.

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More about this item by Dagmar

100% New Zealand Made Ponchos

My ponchos are made from ZEALANA Merino Possum Silk Yarn which was uniquely developed over 7 years in New Zealand and is a blend of 60% merino, 30% possum fur and 10% silk. The all natural fibres of this luxurious yarn makes it strong, lightweight , ultra-soft, cuddly, fluffy, anti pill, breathable and has the ability to regulating the body temperature . This feature makes each garment made of this yarn suitable for all year around .

Possum fur is considered an eco-fur, since it is ecologically sound to remove possums form our forest The brush tail possum, introduced to NZ over 100 years ago and wreaking havoc in the native forests, killing native trees and kiwis at an alarming rate due to the lack of natural predators.