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Love Christchurch - Short Black

As a symbol of solidarity and as a way of helping out, I have created this range of ‘Love Christchurch’ jewellery, of which 20% of proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Canterbury Earthquake Appeal.

These pretty, handmade, pendant style earrings feature a heart image which sits on the distinctive Cloud Nine illustrated background and reflects all of the lives that have been forever changed and how the heart of the city can never be destroyed. The image has been set in a 12mm Antique Bronze bezel setting under measuring approx 22mm in length.

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More about this item by Cloud Nine

Tuesday the 22nd February 2011 began as any other day for the folks of Christchurch, but at 12:51pm, everything changed.

An earthquake of 6.3 magnitude literally tore my beautiful city apart.

Many were affected that day, not only in Christchurch and New Zealand but all over the world. Lives were tragically lost, homes destroyed, and many were left destitute. Iconic buildings were reduced to rubble and yet the shining light through all of this devastation and sadness was the immediate outpouring of love, money, relief and aid efforts of New Zealand and the world that saw everyone come together to help, to support and to grieve.