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Bubble Bath Cone Mixer

Bubblecone is a fun way to make more bubbles in your bath!

Just PUSH the mixer onto the tap, POUR in the bubble bath solution before you fill and PLAY in the piles of bubbles that result!

Designed to work with most bath taps and even some spout mixers, it protects bathers from bumping their heads or burning themselves on a hot faucet.

Of course the device is great for adults too - nothing beats a relaxing and luxurious bubble bath - and the bubbles keep the bath water warmer for longer.

Measures: 10cm diameter x 10cm high

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More about this item by Objectify

Measures: 10cm diameter x 10cm high

It also makes a handy cup for rinsing shampoo from children's hair and my son has found it a versatile bath toy during its extensive testing at home!
 We make bubble castles, bubble caves, bubble volcanoes, bubble hair, bubble ice creams, bubbleballs, bubble clothes, bubblesnow (blowing off your hand) exploding bubbles (clapping hands covered in bubbles - try it some time!).